5 Top Disposable Email Accounts For A Spam Free Life

guerrilla mail

As an online marketer, email is my favorite mode of communication with my clients, vendors, friends, and family. To be honest with you, my day starts with checking emails and ends with the same way.

Email is the most common tool that we use every day for our communication. Most of us use email for business purpose, where some others use it for personal reason. Around half of the world’s population uses email. To be specific, 3.7 billion people are using email daily in 2017, according to a research conducted by Radicati Group.

You’ll be surprised to know that, 269 billion emails are sent or received each and every day. But the truth is 50% of all emails are junk or spam, even 3% of them are phishing or consists of malicious content.

Free temporary email accounts: For Whom And Why?

As you can see from above stats, 50% emails that you are usually receiving are junk or spam. So, it will be a wise decision, if you share your email address carefully. A free temporary email account or a disposable email can save yourself from online phishing and spam.

We need a temporary email address for verification or downloading essential free pieces of stuff from various sites of the internet. If you have ever tried to download an ebook on business success or fitness or whatever the topic is, you probably know the fact.

Most of the website owners or marketers are using these tactics for building their email list for years. I also do that and suggest my readers to that as well. But the truth is not all marketers are honest like us. Some of them sell or rents the list to other marketers. In return, we get tons of junk email delivered straight to our mailbox.

If you want to be safe, using free temporary email accounts will help you to be secured. Today, I am going to share the list of top free disposable email address, that actually works and obviously FREE.

Top 5 Disposable Email Accounts To Use

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

If you need an email address for just ten minutes, 10 Minute Mail is the service you are looking for. If your purpose is not served within 10 minutes, don’t worry you can borrow 10 minutes more and you can do it for several times.


getnada free Disposable email

Getnada is the right for you if you want to manage multiple free disposable email accounts at a time. The best part of the service is, your inbox will be available forever. The system will delete your temporary emails after 7 days.



Mailinator is another disposable email inbox that you can use for free. This service is hosted on public domain and deletes your email after few hours. So if you need a temporary email address for only a few hours this service can be a good fit for you.

It is a Free to use disposable email service, which also has got premium service that ensures more privacy and features.

Guerrilla Mail

guerrilla mail

Guerrilla Mail is an awesome temporary email service that offers automatic email refresh in every 10 seconds. So you will never miss your temporary emails. This email lasts for one hour and will self-expire after that.

I hope you have already got a clear idea about what temporary or disposable email account is and how to use that. You can use any of the above-mentioned email service based on your need and likings. I personally use 10 Minute Mail and Get Air Mail for downloading stuff from the internet.

One more thing, if you find any better service, please don’t forget to suggest me that. And don’t forget to tweet the article.

Thanks for reading.

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